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Hello, @beermanphotography here with another interview!

Thank you for participating in this interview, I am very excited to talk with you! How long have you been a toy customizer? 

A:  First of all, excited to share more about my passion of customizing, so thanks! I have been customizing since 2016 and really had a great opportunity to watch the community grow over the last few years.  

IG: @kedrycustoms

Q: What got you started in toy customizing?

A:  I got started into the game by being inspired to make a custom Deadpool Marvel Legends figure. There were none out at the time for me to buy off-the-shelf and I came across Loosecollector’s website and realized what customizing figures could look like with a LOT of skill, and then Jin Saotome’s ingenuity and GREAT customs inspired me as well. From there, a couple of machine man base figures, a Dremel, some Aves Apoxie sculpt, an Exacto knife and Testor’s Model Master Acrylic paints, and beginner’s enthusiasm sent me on my way 🙂  

IG: @kedrycustoms

Q: What was your favorite figure to create and why?

A: All are fun in their own ways, but ultimately I enjoy those the most which allow me to learn a new skill or new method for modifying and refining a custom. Examples of this are the battle-damaged Iron Fist and Wolverine, and Daredevil, because he just allowed me to take my time to get the details right how I wanted them.

Q: What is your favorite method for weathering?

A:  While I certainly like dry brushing and adding washes, one of my favorite forms of weathering actually comes through adding battle damage to a figure such as the Iron Fist and Wolverine mentioned above. I also believe that weathering a figure should keep in mind the concept that less is more. While a lot of weathering can be fun to do sometimes you have to think how you figure will look when taking photographs with other figures or in context of the character’s source material. Ultimately though, it is a personal preference!  

IG: @kedrycustoms

Q: What’s the weirdest request for a custom figure you have received?

A:  Fortunately no real strange ones, but there have certainly been custom requests for which I don’t have the expertise or specialty to accomplish with the end results and quality I want. Many times it can take the form of import figures and being unable to prep the joints for paint-rub the way I might want to.  

Q:  If you could have any superpower what would it be and why?

 A: Wolverine or Deadpool’s healing factor! By far one of my favorites, simply because it gives me the opportunity to take up all kinds of very extreme sports and martial art endeavors with confidence that I will have unlimited do-overs! 

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