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Hello, @beermanphotography here with another interview!

Thank you for participating in this interview, I am very excited to talk with you!

Q: How long have you been a toy photographer? 

A: I’ve been doing toy photography since last year (2019) and successfully completed one year in this awesome creative field.

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Q: What got you started in toy photography? 

A: One day I went to a mall and I found a toy tribe there and I took a snap and posted it on Instagram with the hashtag #toyphotography. And I saw a lot of people doing this hobby very creatively, and it inspired me. That’s how I started.

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Q: What is your favorite figure to shoot and why?

A: Every figure is my favorite , I love to shoot them with my camera.

Q: What is your favorite place to take photos? 

A: I love to shoot outdoors, particularly I like to shoot on riversides and lakesides.

Q: What’s the weirdest thing that has ever happened during a photo shoot?

A: Whenever I set my shot for toy photography, my toys always fall down right when I get them focused with my camera. This is the weirdest thing that had happens every time on my shoots. I don’t know why!

Q: If you could have any superpower what would it be and why?

A: Time traveling would be my superpower. I can put time on hold and rewind time and I do whatever want, and this superpower really helps me to shoot a lot of pics. I’ll have more time to learn about photography.

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