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Hello, @beermanphotography here with another interview!

Thank you for participating in this interview, I am very excited to talk with you!  Please introduce yourself to the @toypic_community .

Hey everybody, my name is Bo Hacking, the owner and creator of Morphonauts. I’ve been a 3D artist for 15 years and have worked on everything from toys to video games and movies. But I have found toy creation to be the coolest, most fun and rewarding art form there is.  

Bo Hacking
(He reminds us of Mr. Incredible!!)

Q: What first sparked the interest in creating your own line of toys and how did you get started?

A: I would say the thing that first sparked my interest in creating my own toy line was just the desire to create. Growing up in the 80s, it seemed like there were so many different toy lines and now we live in a time where it seems like everything from the 80s is just being remade. So I wanted to create something that felt like it could have been made back in the 80s but with all the advances in articulation of today.

Q: How long have you been in business?

A: Morphonauts was first started in 2014 but didn’t launch our first product until 2017. Our second wave is now launching in 2020, which shows that creating your own line of figures isn’t the quickest, easiest thing to do.

Q: What is your favorite figure that you produce?

A: I think my favorite figure always changes, especially with the fact that Morphonauts is all about changing your figures from one day to the next. But with that said, I would say it will be the Blazernaut figure in the second wave that we are launching on kickstarter on July 28th. He has a cool look to him where he could fit in so many different toy universes. He could be cyborg bounty hunter, an arc trooper, some sort of special forces cobra agent. And then you could just quickly switch some limbs on him and he could be something totally different.

Q: Where can people buy your products?

A: For Wave 1 you can get them on Amazon or our website which is Wave 2 will be available on kickstarter Tuesday July 28th and I would suggest picking some up there because they have a ton of upgrades and if you get the early-bird special reward, you can get a free Wave 1 figure.

Q: Any new figures we can look forward to?

A: YES, Kickstarter will have all new figures with tons of upgrades. The stretch goals will have vehicles, more figures, more weapons and even more colors. Each figure comes in multiple color options and they all magnetically mix and match so you can make thousands of different characters.

Q: Any interesting stories from the production side you can share?

A: Stories, yes there’s so many stories that are too long to tell that go from selling my house to start production, to talking with major studios on possible movie options, to switching factories to get the best product at the right price. It’s a grind but I love all of it to be able to be creative and do what I love and share that creation process with the world.

Q: If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?

A: I would say super strength. I always get told that I look like Mr. Incredible. So I figure if I’ve already got the chin, nose, and forehead slant, I might as well have the strength to go with it and make it a package deal.

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